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Thank-You Dr. Trzaska, for caring and taking your time with me. I don’t think I could’ve achieved my goal without your help. I really owe my life to you, because I really didn’t have much of a life. I don’t like to look at my “fat” pictures. It reminds me how horrible I felt physically, emotionally and mentally. I came to life again and I’m so excited as I lose more weight each week.  Best of all I don’t have to shop at big lady stores anymore. Thank-you so much...for making me be me again.


- Ashley


My Name is Donna and I have been using the Turbosonic for about 3 months, average 3 days a week. The thing I love the most is the reduction of cellulite in my hips and thighs.


- Donna


The arthritis pain in my hands knees and back have subsided. I have lost weight. I have the ability to do more work and I am happy with the performance of the Turbosonic.


- Carol


The decision to go for lipolight was one of the most wises choices I made in my life. I had a relaxing string of treatments, in which all I had to do was lay down and feel the pads melting my fat. After 6 sessions I lost a total of 3 inches from my thighs and my abdomen. Thank-you lipolight! If you are in the hunt for an effective and safe alternative to traditional liposuction, Lipolight without a doubt is highly recommended. Thanks to Dr. Trzaska  my pants are looser.


- Val


I had a rotator cuff issue for years and was postponing surgery. I heard about this Graston Technique and was skeptical. I thought I would give it a try … anything to avoid surgery. I wasn’t able to bring my arm past my shoulder.  Well low and behold I was astonished after the first treatment.  I was actually able to move my arm slightly above my shoulder and it felt so much looser. I’m not going to lie, it was uncomfortable while having it done but so worth it. I’m so grateful for finding Dr. Trzaska Thank you very much.

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